The Woman Who Does Not Require Validation From Anyone Is The Most Feared Individual On The Planet.

Is that you?

You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.

Let me tell you a quick story about my experience with anxiety, depression, addiction, racism and trauma.

Not so long ago, I was trying to be perfect, to fit into the impossible expectations of society and embody what it means to be a "good girl” – a woman that can have and do it all.

I was struggling with trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

While I earned two Master's degrees from Columbia University and became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I still felt like I wasn't enough no matter how hard I tried.

In my free time, I dove deep into my own personal therapy, attended numerous psychological and spiritual trainings, became a Kundalini yogi, read copious self help books and interviewed doctors and healers from all walks of life searching for answers on how to become my best self.

And I was getting more and more defeated, frustrated, anxious, and empty.

Then the bottom fell out from under me when I realized I had a problem with drinking that was damaging my relationships especially the one I had with myself. I was completely cut off from my Spirit and Source.

Which meant I couldn't feel in control of my life.

As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of fulfilling my destiny as the next Oprah. Lol but seriously.

Then I was introduced to real spiritual solutions that I could implement in my life.

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out that:

  • I have all the answers I seek within me!
  • Moreover, I'm never alone! Spirit is always with me, guiding me with love and wisdom.
  • And finally, there is nothing I cannot be, do or have! I am connected to and an expression of Divine Source/Inspiration. All I have to do is allow Source to flow through me.

Once I recognized this:

  • I stopped giving away my power.
  • I stopped looking outside of myself for peace and serenity.
  • I started doing whatever the fuck I wanted regardless of other people's judgments.

I am finally free, which allows me to help others be the same.

Now I'm living my dream of helping hundreds of women do the same thing I have: Overturning the patriarchy so we can heal the world and have a ball doing it.

And that's why I'm so passionate about bringing this transformational experience to YOU.

The You Are Complete membership is here so that you can become the empowered woman you want to be.

Ready to join me for an adventure?



Bianca Rodriguez

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You Are Complete helps women move from uncertainty about their hidden power to confidently knowing and embodying their Truth so that they live on purpose and on point.

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“Bianca is one of the most brilliant and genuine clinicians I  have worked with! She has an infectious spirit and such incredible energy!! I  am honored to call her a friend a colleague!”

- Luke Chittick
Founder 10west Recovery

Bianca brings magic to everything she does. She is truly someone who lives her work and has done her own work. It's refreshing to see someone in the healing space that is truly devoted to acting as a vessel for divinity to shine through her. If you get the chance to work with Bianca, consider it a no-brainer!

- Natalie Raphael, Private Yoga Instructor –

During Bianca's Foundations of WellBEING course, I experienced a complete transformation in my body, mind and spirit. I found myself in a rut I could not get out of on my own, and Bianca helped me to identify and heal the root of the issue by surrendering, taking inventory and being vulnerable. Her experience also allows her to incorporate clinical psychology, which helps to shed light on the physiological roadblocks holding us back from healing and thriving. Since we began working together, I feel equipped with the tools I need, not just to survive, but the thrive as an unapologetic, female professional.

- Sofia Rodriguez, VP Sales and Executive Coach, Sandler Training –

Bianca knows what it takes to create change in life. She has done it all and if she hasn't yet she will. Her desire to grow and evolve coupled with her stellar academic background and skills as a therapist distinguishes her from the pack. If you are looking to create lasting change in your life then look no further than Bianca Rodriguez, an authentic, caring, and fierce champion of life.


Bianca is an amazing facilitator of deep healing for her clients.  The combination of her wisdom & bright spirit creates a wonderful environment in which her clients can find their way through the darkness into the light.

- Dr. Natalie Feinblatt, Clinical Psychologist

Bianca... what a gem. I've been lucky to experience her breath-work class which was incredible. She is an intuitive guide and seems to help you channel whatever experience you need towards becoming a better human. Speaking of becoming better humans- I've also referred my own patients to her and have noticed incredible results where 'traditional therapy' has not delivered. If you want to change your life at the core of your being for the better- she is your woman!

- Dr. Kristyn Silver-Brook, Chiropractor –

When I found Bianca nearly two years ago, I felt more fragile, panicked, and overwhelmed with life than I could ever remember feeling before.  She was highly recommended to me by a good friend (also a therapist), and I will never be able to thank that friend enough for leading me to the woman who has helped put me back together -- slowly, steadily, surely.  Bianca has not only given me insight to myself I've never had, but she's taken me a step further and helped give me the tools I need to see things as they're happening, rather than through hindsight.  Because of our work together, I say a lot less "I wish I had just..." and know that I'm comfortable in the decisions I'm making to better myself, deal with all that life has to throw at me, and continue to grow in my relationships with others.  I truly appreciate the style in which she approaches situations, tackling each problem with me and focusing on current, relevant feelings, thoughts and emotions.  I always leave her office feeling better and stronger than when I walked in.

Ninette Wassef, Founder Chrome Cycle Studio

Bianca is a POWERHOUSE.

Terry Jordan, LCSW, Therapist

Bianca, I’m so thankful for the Foundations of WellBEing course! From learning how to use my breath to calm down to the steps to work through any emotional issue. I have fond greater love and confidence for myself. Thank you!

Nan Boettger, Teacher

I also needed guidance in owning my own business. Bianca has helped me tremendously with boundaries & self-worth while growing my company. I think it takes a strong brave person to work on issues and if you’re wanting someone truly connected to help guide your healing I would highly recommend Bianca.

Brittani Zonker, Owner Bronzed by Britt

Besides being an amazing human, Bianca really helped me harness my feminine energy in a way no one else has been able to do. Her style is non judgmental; Her playful energy makes the “work” feel fun an easeful.

Every time I see her, I learn something new about myself. Run don’t walk to work with Bianca. Highest praises possible!

- Lauren Fisher, Health Coach

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