Recommended Resources

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Module 1

  • Support Group List - Find support for a specific issue you’re struggling with on this list.
  • Butterfly: A Life - Watch a caterpillar metamorphosis into a butterfly in this 2 minute time-lapse video that’ll inspire you big time.  
  • Mod Serenity Prayer Wallpaper - Make this your phone’s wallpaper and you’ll remember to use the Serenity prayer daily propelling your progress. 
  • Jewel Never Broken - Learn meditation and mindfulness for free with singer-songwriter Jewel’s non profit.
  • Calm App - Rated the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. 
  • Release Valve Breath - Just like a pressure cooker when you feel stress you need to release energy or you'll implode! Try this simple breathing technique to calm you down instantly. 


Module 2

  • Perfect Day Guided Meditation - This first time I did this meditation I was amazed at the clarity I received about the type of life I wanted to create. I’ve used it with many clients to the same results. Try it and tell us what you discover in the Community Forum! 


  • EMDR - If you want to learn more about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Module 3

  • The Power of Intention - Watch this 4 minute Super Soul Sunday clip and learn when Intention is the principle that rules every part of Oprah's life—and cured her disease to please. 
  • Co-dependents Anonymous Worldwide - 12 step support groups are free and available worldwide. They save lives. A lot of the info in this course comes from my personal experience with the 12 steps.
  • Codependency Survey - This list will help you identify what patterns and characteristics of codependency you may be struggling with. 
  • The Universe Has 3 Answers Wallpaper - Don’t let disappointment get the best of you. Set this as your phone’s wallpaper to remind you that the Universe ALWAYS has your back. 

Module 4

  • Moody Month App - I use this period tracker app to better understand and work with my Moon Cycle. I love the insights from medical experts and interface. 
  • Alternate Temporal Process - Learn how to manipulate time to your benefit. Stretch it out when you want to savor a moment or need to complete a project. Speed it up when you're anticipating an event or need to move through a not so fun task.


  • Editing The Quantum Field Process - What if you could rewrite the past? You can! This process will show you how. After all, history is subjective, my dear.


  • EMDR - If you want to learn more about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
  • Marianne WIlliamson Quote - Print and post this poignant quote somewhere you'll see it to remind you to be fearless daily.  
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